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SEN SIGMA | Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide innovative and reliable sensing and quality control techniques for both welding industries and wellness of human beings. We strive for high quality innovation by continuously pursuing scientific, engineering and operational excellence. We are committed to the highest standards of integrity to serve the interests of our customers.



SenSigma focuses on an innovative technology to develop reliable, low cost sensing and Feedback system to maintain high quality, very low to no defect weld in various manufacturing processes. Our product is a Smart Optical Monitoring System (SOMS) suitable for any process generating plasma such as Electric Arc or Laser aided manufacturing process. We are also developing sensors for blood and skin disease detection. SenSigma benefits from research conducted at the University of Michigan and the talented workforce available in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


Our focus is on the “unmet need” of our customers. The manufacturing industry in USA and the world ranging from arc and laser welding robot industry, material processing, energy and electricity, to automotive, heavy machinery, ship building and medical industry faces concerns such as material wastage, loss of valuable labor time and capital resource due to formation of defects during the manufacturing process.


Imagine Manufacturing with Sensor Technology

Defect Detection
Defect Categorization
In-situ monitoring of composition and phase transformation
Fast signal-processing capability
Insensitive to ambient disturbance
Data documentation for post-processing
Reduction in cycle time
High flexibility and sustainability for applications



Having assessed SOMS(Smart Optical Monitoring System) as a technical expert in the laser material processing as well as advanced manufacturing field, I can say, it is a breakthrough technology for in-situ monitoring and control of phase transformation and composition by systematic diagnosis of the laser-induced plasma.
— Dr. Prabu Balu, Staff Laser Engineer @Coherent
We at CoE-Welding - PSG College of Technology have been greatly impressed with the performance of the SenSigma LLC technology for In-situ monitoring of weld defects in GMAW process. We have integrated SOMS with a universal robot for automating the process for defect analysis. We have carried out trials by varying welding current, travel speed, gas flow rate and also by artificially creating defects. We are trying to use SOMS for SMAW electrode testing by automating the process.”
— Hari Baskar, Senior Researcher @PSG College of Technology
We at Weld Mold have been highly impressed with the performance of the SenSigmaLLC technology in the ability to not only determine the chemistry in an active weld pool, but to be able to recognize potential defects such as non-metallic inclusions, slag coverage and porosity within the weld. The ability also to detect influences from materials not specifically placed in the manufacture of our material is also eye-opening.”
— David Lee, Technical Director @Weld Mold Company
I’m so glad that I have had a chance to use the Smart Optical Monitoring System (SOMS) by SenSigma LLC. It provides new possibilities for in-situ monitoring during various welding and deposition processes. It has made it possible for us to diagnose not only internal defects such as porosity but also external defects such as spatter and burn-through at reasonable cost.
— Dr. Dong-Hyuck Kam, Principal Researcher @Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, Incheon, Korea


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